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beautiful, magical andalusia. such a long time i was yearning to go there and now i finally made it. travelled there, saw it, felt it. and left a piece of my heart there.

seductive abundance, stunning landscapes. and … a raw food community!

living outdoor, living free and in community.

this is what my colourful, amazing vagrant life of the last months led me to: i found the next step on my dream journey, want to go there and stay … for a while!

so I will stay at tenerife for the winter, working, gardening, living!!! Preparing our move to andalusia next year … e. g. to find a solution to integrate my computer work with an outdoor lifestyle.

oh how much i love my life!




if money would be no object

i would …

… right now book flights to germany, to visit some very special people i have not seen for far too long. & to organize some things i urgently would like to attend to.

… next, i would book flights to australia to visit my dear friend c who i have not seen for 4 and a half years now. missing her so much!!! i would also love to stay in australia for a while & to get to know this country.

… after that, i would go on travelling. visiting the world’s greatest cascades. some tropic countries like costa rica, indonesia/vietnam/thailand, kenya. visiting communities like the one in paraguay. getting to know andalusia, looking for a horse finca to stay for a while with the mondenkind.

… i would keep our little banana house (or maybe buy the whole finca) as our home, i would stay in germany for three months or so in summer and would travel for some months every year.

yes, i am restless again. somehow uneasy currently. i have found some things i had been looking for but there is still a lot missing. this place healed my body & my soul but now it seems to be time to go on. still searching … for me, for a home, for a soulmate.

der weg der wünsche …

… hat ein neues ziel. nun, nicht wirklich neu. den wunsch nach mehr gemeinschaft habe ich, haben wir, schon lange. was ihn blockiert, weiss ich nicht. schon seit monaten gewachsen & jetzt noch bestärkt durch den wunsch, mehr zeit mit unseren lieben zu verbringen, träume ich davon, den sommer über in deutschland zu leben, herbst & frühling in teneriffa, & im winter zu reisen, in länder, die ich noch nicht kenne. community-projekte ansehen oder einfach so.

klar ist, was bleiben soll, was zu gut tut, um es wieder aufzugeben: ein leben in sonne, wärme, mit guten früchten.
nicht ganz so klar, ob notwendig oder nicht: eine basis, ein zuhause, ein ort, der auf uns wartet – hier im banana house, wo wir uns gerade so wohl fühlen? dem schönsten haus, in dem ich je gewohnt habe (& das ich vielleicht deshalb noch nicht loslassen mag?). ich glaube, das mondenkind braucht so etwas … und ein wenig sicherer fühle auch ich mich zugegebenermaßen mit der vorstellung.

der nächste schritt: visualisieren, wie das aussehen könnte. auf gelegenheiten, ideen horchend. vielleicht gibt es ein projekt in deutschland, rohköstler, freilerner, freiheitsliebende … dem wir uns zeitweilig anschliessen könnten? vielleicht regnet es goldtaler für mich & all das lässt sich ganz einfach bezahlenderweise realisieren? vielleicht wächst mein mut noch einmal & wir versuchen es ohne netz & doppelten boden?!?


dreams coming true

my favourite animals are cats. big cats & the smaller ones. top of the list are tigers … from afar … but i have always dreamed about living with one or more cats.

as i strongly believe in the right of any creature to live in freedom, the way s/he wants, as naturally as possible … to be FREE! … i don’t like the thought of “keeping” an animal. furthermore i won’t like to participate in the abuse & killing of other animals by feeding a carnivore with the products of the meat industry.

so i have been waiting for a cat to decide to live with us, in an environment where s/he could hunt for his/her own food

now it seems this day has come 🙂

if not now

met a german woman last sunday who told me about her reason for coming to this island 4 yrs ago. her friend suffered a stroke in her mid-30s. which reminded her insistently to live her dreams NOW. & so she did! if not now then when.

so … let’s go on!

the angel is blessing my way

… start moving, s/he said, so that i may start blessing … life is full, intensive, i started moving (again) & wow!

the last weeks were filled with activities, celebrating, meeting friends (yes, we do have a social life again!).

i got a great offer, to join m.’s finca in the south of the island … which seems to be the answer to my desires for community & a garden … well, at least it will be a beginning of our community … and right now i visualize to stay here for another six month, then travel for a while & after that come back to live on the finca!


years ago i shared some part of my journey here with a russian guy. he had been living in germany for years but had always been missing his homeland. why wouldn’t he go back then? those days i wasn’t able to understand this at all. when once i told him, all he said was: “well, that’s why you are living here instead of brazil or somewhere.”

now i finally understand …

what would i do …

… if i were brave

what would i do if i knew that i could not fail
if i believed that the wind always fill up my sail
how far would i go
what could i achieve
trusting the hero in me.

what step would i take today if i were brave?!?

keep the fire burning

visited the emigration museum today … read & listened to lots of life stories. people who left everything behind & started their new lifes from scratch. so much courage! hope. confidence. i am deeply impressed. yearning so much to go!

dreams - then & now

where to go

what to take along ...

... & what to leave behind?