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i am really happy to see how the days are getting longer and that it is becoming a little bit warmer these days! spring is coming 🙂

for many weeks now i feel i need much more sleep … usually i perfectly get along with 5 to 6 hours of sleep, but in winter … so dark and cold … well, it is just natural to go to sleep when it is dark, instead of staying up and trying to work. fortunately, i know that my energy will rise again!

i also find it harder to do some sports in winter. when it is really cold outside, i don’t even want to leave house for a walk. usually, i am jumping on my trampoline in the morning, first thing on getting up, and doing some exercises afterwards, like sit-ups and pushups. a few weeks ago i bought bar-bells to do some more exercises for my neck and shoulders, but somehow i don’t manage to use them regularly.

since yesterday, we have a pull-up bar in out kitchen door. up to now, i don’t even make ONE pull-up but hopefully this will change soon 🙂

the kids love the bar … everybody uses it whenever passing!

of course there are lots of things … i like to call them everyday-sports … like carrying my daughter, running to follow her when biking, carrying crates of fruit and so on … but this does not seem to be enough. how do YOU exercise? how do you make it to exercise enough, especially together with small children?