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dancing heart

survived another new moon. since i am here on tenerife i seem to become even more sensitive to the moon. & to everything else …
is it due to the situation, that i left such a big part of my life behind to go on living in a different world? i don’t know. & i don’t really care. it is as it is. & i somehow like it. getting closer to who i am. although this emotional rollercoaster is a bit exhausting. every little something gets under my skin. yesterday i teared up watching “bullerbü” with my daughter … on the other hand simple things like looking up to the sky make my heart dance with joy.

siesta at the beach

playa jardín in puerto de la cruz. spent a lovely afternoon there with my daughter, enjoying the sun & the warmth. it has been noticeably warmer there than in our home where the sky was cloudy. i am already accustomed to the temperatures here & feel cold when the temperature is below 20° c. … i surely will go to the tropics; i am almost sure that this will be the ideal climate for me! … but at the moment it’s quite nice here, much warmer than in hamburg!

yellow flags at the beach. which means that the drift, the waves are quite strong & one has to be careful when taking a bath.

there are a lot of lizzards here. some quite big ones:

my daughter found these beautiful stones:

odds and ends

quality of life. is basically related to climate, nature, freedom. i feel so much better here! the sun. the warmth. the scenery. spending so much time outdoor. my skin is tanned and i have not had that many freckles since my childhood … moreover there are lots of small things bringing joy in my life:

i so much like the way houses are built here. the traditional ones, cube-like, with flat roofs, terraces on the roof, stairs around the house and painted each in a different color 🙂 … like those in malta (on gozo, where i have been about 2 years ago). only that the houses are not that colorful there. i guess it is similar to the north african building style.

i somehow like the things not to be that specified – like the timetables of the busses. or the business policy of movistar 😉

i like the guaguas with their friendly & helpful drivers & the images of mary & jesus in each bus.

i like the chickens sleeping in the tree above the canyon near here

… to be continued 🙂

day & night rhythm

after managing to go to bed earlier (& get some sleep before midnight) during the last weeks, i have fallen back to my usual rhythm of working late at night. i really enjoy the silence of the night. writing, painting, programming … doing whatever i want without anybody demanding my attention or my assistance. listening to MY music … or, even better, to nothing …

time to replenish my energies 🙂