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zen habits

7 little things that make life effortless:

  • do less … only do the important things
  • have less … it is so much lighter!
  • let little things go … don’t fight over them, just let them glide off
  • clean as you go
  • make small, gradual changes … instead of wanting everything at once & failing (or not starting at all)
  • focus on the things that matter
  • be compassionate

what a wonderful inspiration … find more of this here.

anders als es scheint

night & day. never give up, not even the next minutes. now is now. next minute is in the future & wow it can come up totally different. love what is.

had a strange day some days ago. bad night, could not sleep for hours. woke up in the morning feeling sick & weak, vomiting, belly ache. stayed in bed & put off my plans for the day. amazingly, i have not been fighting, just accepting. almost enjoying. during the next hours i not only became better (which is not surprising, i am very very seldomly sick & it never lasts long) but that day (& the following ones) came up with lots of joyful surprises. awesome!