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spent the day writing offers, mails & blogposts … i’d better pack my bags … at least, our cupboards are almost empty … made lots of treats for the next week & for our journey.

pleasures in life

some of the pleasures in life: friends, love, food, the sun, babies, nature, the sky, animals, dancing, creative expression, singing, riding, sports, books, music, films, the internet, beauty, sunshine, skin, touch, sensuality, hot showers …

today i enjoyed a lot of them: going for a run. dancing in the kitchen with my little one. spending the afternoon with friends, talking & eating yummy raw treats like these:

refreshing banana-berry-pie, with a taste of mint & lemon


treasure hunt for the kids

content of the treasure chest

eat from your stash

eat from your stash … my name for a game jademond has just started. sounds funny 🙂

somehow this is our usual way to eat …but with a stash only surviving a few days for it consists of 95% fresh fruit & greens. our kitchen is either empty or filled with an abundance of fruit. at the moment we have plenty of ripe papayas, bananas & pineapples, oranges, apples, pears, grapes, dates & enough spinache for about 3 days. besides there are blackberry leaves & some avocados. we also have some nuts, almonds & seeds in our cupboard but it seems we won’t need any of these the next days 🙂

… this is what we had the last days. we don’t stick to the usual meals, each of us eats whenever she is hungry, but most days m & i share three to four meals. j usually eats on his own.


  • papaya, grapes, spinache
  • durian with blackberry leaves
  • grapes, dates, mulberries with blackberry leaves
  • oranges with spinache
  • j. does not play along; he ordered a pizza today. furthermore he had cucumber, apple, bread with peanut butter.


  • papaya with spinache
  • grapes with spinache for me; a cream of banana, carob & greens decorated with raisins & salad for m
  • spinache, tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, olives
  • papaya (flesh for m, seeds for me 😉 ), apple, dates, fennel, blackberry leaves
  • j had bread, vegan chocolate, 1 apple, 1 pear, grape juice.

winter food

what do you eat (& do) to keep yourself warm on days with -10° celcius or less? up to last week i felt like eating things like avocado, coconut & sweet potato (fat & carbs) to keep my body warm. a few days ago i found that even at this chilliness i feel better on eating fruits & greens. low fat.

this is what i had today:

  • 1,5 ananas (not at once, of course 😉 )
  • about 200g miner’s lettuce, mizuna & other salad
  • 2 small persimmon
  • 1 medjool date
  • 1 plantain
  • 6 leaves of savoy cabbage
  • 1 apple
  • 1 carob bean
  • about 7 BIG leaves of curly kale
  • 2 oranges
  • about 30-40 big blackberry leaves

since i am somewhat inspired by “green for life” from victoria boutenko which i just have read, part of the greens had been blended: plantain with savoy cabbage turned out to be really yummy! but i still prefer to eat the things as they are … the best meal today was eating plantain & cabbage in the sun in front of our house 🙂

anyway, what really helps to keep me warm isn’t food but exercise. move! i do 3 to 4 small workouts a day, 5 to 20 minutes each, on the stepper or doing sit-ups, pushups, stretching or something.

holidays 2

… just in case anybody is interested … here are some impressions of our holiday treats:

xmas apple pie with cinnamon stars

xmas apple pie with cinnamon stars

christmas cookies

christmas cookies

our diner on christmas eve

our dinner on christmas eve

regarding dinner, i like the christmas eve tradition of my childhood: we always had a quite simple meal. something like potato salad & sausages. of course i would not eat these any more but i don’t like to spend this evening on creating a complex meal. so we had a salad of red cabbage & oranges, raw burgers, rice for those not eating raw & an abundance of greens & vegetables with a sesame-dip.

12 kg strawberries

yes it’s true – we picked 12 kg strawberries at gut wulksfelde last saturday! i just couldn’t stop … so yummy! but thanks to the rain last week they also were very ripe & soft so we had to eat (or process) them soon. i had strawberries for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner & in between. mixed several glasses with strawberry sauce. made a wonderful strawberry cake for a picnic on sunday:


and strawberry wafers (with buckwheat):


now they’re all gone … & i’m looking forward to picking strawberries again next week 🙂

raw food restaurant

visiting london i had to take the chance and have a go at a raw food restaurant. actually there is no real raw food restaurant there, but i found three vegan/vegetarian restaurants with also raw items on their menu. first, we took a look at the VitaOrganic, a vegetarian café near chinatown. sadly, the only raw items offered for buffet-lunch where salads. they told me they do have raw dishes for diner … if anybody will try this, please tell me!

we then decided to have our lunch at Saf, a vegan restaurant. Quite classy. Dishes are arranged really fine – i did not take photos there, but i found this one on their website:

beetroot ravioli

beetroot ravioli, filled with cashew herb ricotta

j had cooked ravioli, filled with vegetables and served with a pumpkin sauce. unfortunately he did not like it. m and me divided in the beetroot ravioli, nachos (sprouted crisp with 4 different dips: avocado, salsa, cashew cream and olive tapenade) & a bowl with greens & flowers. we found the avocado and salsa dips too spicy to eat them, but everything else was yummy!


last weekend, i went to berlin where i had not been for about 13 years …

i visited the Rohvolution, a rawfood-fair. quite exciting, lots of yummy treats to try (like an “all-you-can-eat”-buffet, especially for the younger visitors like my daughter) and/or buy. we started our visit there with a small but delicious durian 🙂 later we discovered the great raw chocolate from lifefood … mhmmm!

even better, i met a friend i had not seen for months because she moved to freiburg last year. we spent the day together at the fair & met again next morning in our room at the sunflower hostel.

i really enjoyed this weekend!