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find your typ(e)o

funny test: what type are you. it’s about typography, only 4 questions to answer. password required is “character”.

according to this, my typo is cooper black italic:

emotional, assertive, progressive, relaxed

emotional, assertive, progressive, relaxed

though there are days i feel rather understated than assertive … those will be my “dot matrix days” from now on 😉


entdeckt bei jademond:


Vor einer Woche war auch Freitag.

Ich habe viel Zeit vergeudet mit dem, was andere wollten, dass ich es tue, als ich jung war.

Meine Mutter sagte “… weil man das (nicht) macht.”.

Wir drei!du und ich.

Nimm dir Zeit zu Denken bevor du sprichst.

Auch diese Phase wird vorbeigehen !

Was das Wochenende angeht, heute Abend freue ich mich auf ein paar ruhige Stunden ohne Bibi Blocksberg & Co, morgen habe ich Tanzen & FreundInnen treffen geplant und Sonntag möchte ich an die Nordsee!

playing at the beach

3rd day of birthday celebration. we had a party together with a friend, alex, who lives in scharbeutz, at the baltic sea. dear friends, lots of talks & fun, yummy treats. in her garden i picked red, black and white currants … & plenty of wild edibles (found something new: borage … so delicious, i could not stop eating it! later that day someone told me borage is known to be good to calm & strengthen when feeling stressed. maybe this is why i like it so much?!? anyway, my body seems to need it. ).

alex' fantastic strawberry tart

alex' fantastic strawberry tart

my humble contribution for the buffet

my humble contribution for the buffet

although it was a bit chilly & windy we went to the beach … to cold for most of us to take a bath (not for all of us: m. actually had fun in the water!) we enjoyed being creative & playing in the sand 🙂



last weekend, i went to berlin where i had not been for about 13 years …

i visited the Rohvolution, a rawfood-fair. quite exciting, lots of yummy treats to try (like an “all-you-can-eat”-buffet, especially for the younger visitors like my daughter) and/or buy. we started our visit there with a small but delicious durian 🙂 later we discovered the great raw chocolate from lifefood … mhmmm!

even better, i met a friend i had not seen for months because she moved to freiburg last year. we spent the day together at the fair & met again next morning in our room at the sunflower hostel.

i really enjoyed this weekend!

first prize

another surprise coming with the post: i won the first prize in the webEdition game! (yes, i spent some time with it before christmas … ). it’s a tom-tom navigation system … exactly the accessory my good old polo has been missing 😉



moons ago i started to knit an elmar-tank top for my daughter. these days, looking through my unfinished projects, i found that the top would be much to small for her now. so i decided to transform it into something else … wanna have a look?

elmar elefant patchwork top

elmar elefant patchwork top - unfinished

... in between ...

... in-between ...

do you recognize him?

do you recognize him?

i found the idea for this cute little guy through ravelry and susan b. anderson’s blog.

guess i’m gonna give it as a birthday present to a friend of mine who will become 3 years old next week 🙂

scary afternoon

… some more about our halloween-day. hope you’re not bored yet 😉

tangerine jack o'lantern

tangerine jack o'lantern

in the afternoon we had a small party with some friends here. creepy decoration, masquerade (sorry, no pics …) and lots of scary things to eat. all raw, of course. my favourite was this green smoothie:

furthermore we had a pumpkin pie and bat-, pumpkin- and ghost-cookies … which i forgot to photograph on their own, but you can see them behind the smoothie.

my creative friends also brought these great little monsters:

apple monsters

apple monsters

green monster eyes 🙂

grubs :)

grubs 🙂