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i so much felt like gardening, growing some things in our garden … so despite our plans i just let go. did some research to find out what to plant yet. i wanted some greens for the months to come. thought about growing curly kale but did not get seedlings …

with the kids’ help i digged over one third of our garden. i found seeds for stinging nettles & orache and some plants (comfrey, borage & something called ‘baumspinat’ (tree spinach) in german.) at rühlemann’s. furthermore, biggi gave seeds for spinach & field salad to me.



yesterday i picked the first wild greens this year … very small, it took me half an hour to collect a handful, but hmmm, how yummy & energizing! i found dandelion, goutweed, pilewort, garlic mustard & stinging nettle. made a nice dinner, together with a big bowl of winter purslane & a mango.

first greens

first greens

flicker of hope

after too many cold & grey days & weeks – i really don’t like winter … february seems to be the hardest month … yearning for sun & warmth – today the sun is shining, sky is blue and it feels quite warm outside! i took the chance to finally disseminate the chickweed seeds. nothing to see right now, of course – how long will it take?


winter-greens 2

kelp is great to be eaten on its own or simply with avocado or olives or dates. but today we felt like preparing something … this is what we came up with:

pasta marinara

pasta marinara

grated root celery with tomato sauce (made of dried tomatoes, celery, parsley, fresh kelp, water & olive oil), kelp and olives. yummy! & also very warming, a great winter meal!