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trying hard not to count the hours until you will leave
trying to enjoy THIS MOMENT
as you are here. with me. in my arms. in my eyes. in my mind.

what a challenge. what a blesson (blessing-lesson).

and what a challenge it will be to go on living NOW, enjoying the moments to come without you here …

no, i don’t want to cry. there is no reason for tears. i love you so much! i know you have to go and i know that we won’t loose each other … yet there is this little part of me wanting you to stay, wanting to hold you, touch you, love you & never let you go …


tenerife is my home. now. NOW. don’t know for how long it will be but it definitely is at this moment. germany, hamburg, is a place i like, it is familiar, but not my home anymore. there are people there i love & i miss … they will have a place in my heart forever & i hope to see them again soon … they also give me a kind of home in this world. which has nothing to do with the place i physically stay.

love to be here, enjoying the sun, the nature, the fruit. healing!

it is a time to just BE. no plan. at the moment. the only plan – & i always want to have this one … is to keep learning, keep changing, keep growing & keep loving!

western riding

i finally found a training stable for western riding near here. it’s in elmenhorst, about half an hour by car. even better, m & me can both ride there, at the same time. yay 🙂
i love this way of riding. of interacting with the horse.
& … not only that riding is great physical exercise. it is so much more. kind of therapy. for me. makes me be totally “now”.