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new house

moving house again. finally moving in a house we hope to call home for a few months … i have lots of ideas and plans for this year but right now it is time for me (for us) to settle a bit, breathe deeply, recover from the short but exhausting time in the (toxic) banana house.

first evening in the new house … i felt somehow lost here. strange. such a big house. the living room and kitchen area is as big as the entire banana house. after having lived in one room or a tent most of the last 8 months now it seemed to be too much house for the two of us.

next morning, as usual, everything became better. we unpacked our boxes, arranged mondenkind’s room first, and after having cleaned the kitchen and filled it with all our delicious stuff i started to enjoy our new home.

-maybe it is a house to grow in. lots of open space for lots of interesting things to evolve.

– we have a lot of cupboards and wardrobe to store our bits and bobs. and there is a seperate room for the mondenkind … where she can have all her stuff on the floor. and lots of empty space for me.
-we have many many many windows to let the sun in. and the house is situated two gardens higher than the banana house which gives us much more sun and light and warmth now in wintertime.
– we have amazing views: la gomera, the sea, the sky, the mountains – wow!
– we have a roof terrace! very sunny & very private … after having works and lots of working people in and around my house for weeks now, a bit of privacy to just lay down in the sun, naked, is such a delight!

yay, i love this place and i am full of gratitude!


tenerife is my home. now. NOW. don’t know for how long it will be but it definitely is at this moment. germany, hamburg, is a place i like, it is familiar, but not my home anymore. there are people there i love & i miss … they will have a place in my heart forever & i hope to see them again soon … they also give me a kind of home in this world. which has nothing to do with the place i physically stay.

love to be here, enjoying the sun, the nature, the fruit. healing!

it is a time to just BE. no plan. at the moment. the only plan – & i always want to have this one … is to keep learning, keep changing, keep growing & keep loving!

arriving home

after staying on this paradisiac finca (actually i am thinking about living there … ) for 10 days we finally arrived at our new home again today. it’s a journey of about 4 hours by bus … for a distance of maybe 50 or 60 km at most. although we have only been here for 2 nights before, it already feels like coming home. within the next days we will go on settling in here. arranging our house. exploring the neighbourhood. …

our mailbox


view from our terrace ... orotava valley, the atlantic ...

... & the mountains

just in time

got a copy of the rental agreement yesterday & worked through it last night. on monday i will meet my landlady , sign the contract & get the keys for the house. wow!