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horses & thanksgiving

in face of continuous raining we went to the kiekeberg museum today to celebrate thanksgiving & – mainly – to visit the horse day. we saw lots of different horses, so beautiful some of them. i saw friesian horses – one of the most beautiful horse breeds to me. there were several shows like western riding, circus stunts and so on. i was totally fascinated by the presentation of “natural horsemanship” – a phrase new to me but describing exactly the way of natural non-violent interaction with horses i am looking for! (wanna read something more about it? – visit monty roberts homepage or this page of a german horse trainer.) it was phantastic to see the girls & women communicating with the horses, working WITH them, so obviously being a team each with her horse. relating with the horse. made me happy to watch them 🙂

sunny autumn weekend

started yesterday with our weekly western riding lesson. my third lesson. with sheza. walk and trot. an exercise in insistence & willpower, making sheza go where i want her to go. & of course physical exercise: sitting trot … a western saddle is more comfortable than an english one but … well, i still cannot sit 😉
anyway i can’t wait for next saturday!

in the afternoon i was skating in the local nature reserve. m. came along with her run bike. sun was shining & we had so much fun going up & down the hills 🙂

on sunday we went to the farmers market at gut wulksfelde … just to find out that i mixed the days up: the market has been yesterday. disappointing. but we took the chance & enjoyed the warm & sunny day, making a walk around the farm, collecting comfrey, playing at the playground. then spent the rest of our sun-day playing, reading & having a picnic in our yard.

how wonderful life can be 🙂

western riding

i finally found a training stable for western riding near here. it’s in elmenhorst, about half an hour by car. even better, m & me can both ride there, at the same time. yay 🙂
i love this way of riding. of interacting with the horse.
& … not only that riding is great physical exercise. it is so much more. kind of therapy. for me. makes me be totally “now”.