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“i don’t know”

You are here to experience life, not necessarily explain or understand it. While there is much to know, you may find yourself relieved of egoic arrogance when you can laugh at the fact that you don’t know anything at all, and you only happen to know what you think you know. To think about what you know, is to remember what was once true, and that is a matter of memory, versus a keen awareness rooted in the present moment.

(Matt Kahn)

forget who you are to become what you might be

sounds so much more positive that way, doesn’t it? well, i don’t know if it is about forgetting. but for finding my true self, dormant somewhere. which could possibily involve losing what i have, what i think i am. makes me curious 🙂

Daniel Mackler writes about the risks of emotional healing that it also bears the risk of pain. feeling lots of long time denied feelings … i guess that’s where i am right now. just feeling. not analysing or something. recognizing what i have done for years to suppress them. yes it is painful. but liberating. as i wrote a few days ago: i do enjoy it!