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do what you wish II

Wünsche kann man nach Belieben weder hervorrufen noch unterdrücken. Sie kommen aus tieferen Tiefen in uns als alle Absichten […]. Und sie entstehen unbemerkt.

Quelle: Die unendliche Geschichte (Neverending Story), Michael Ende

big 5

after having read this interesting horoscope book this summer i have slightly adapted my big5-list as well as redefined my purpose for existence … well, it is a list to work with, not to be set in stone but to help me focus, keep track of my priorities.

my big 5 are still 6 instead of 5, the things i most want to do, see, or experience in my lifetime. the things that will make me feel that my life is a success. the things that will contribute to fulfilling my reason for being here:

  • spiritual development; LEARN, grow, reflect
  • TRAVEL the world
  • writing, creating art, COMMUNICATING – to learn, to express myself, to inspire others & to leave something behind
  • loving, supporting & releasing RELATIONSHIPS
  • act in a way to make this world a better place, for all creatures, live a natural as possible life style

obviously some of the items on this list correspond to each other, overlap with each other. maybe i should work over it to get things clearer … but look, in the first place i am here to LIVE not to think about it. so for now this list works fine for me!

while i am still not sure about my reason for being here, now i tend to see it not only in “love & enjoy life” but in finding my soul mate!

do what you wish

… Du musst deine Geschichte erleben. Du darfst nicht hierbleiben.

… du kannst immer nur von einem Wunsch zum nächsten gehen. Was du nicht wünscht, ist für dich unerreichbar. […] Und es genügt auch nicht, nur von einem Ort fortgehen zu wollen. Du musst zu einem anderen hinstreben. Du musst dich von deinen Wünschen führen lassen.

… es gibt […] einen Ort, der überall hinführt und von überall her erreicht werden kann. Dieser Ort wird der Tausend Türen Tempel genannt. […] Wer ihn kennenlernen will, der muss sich hineinwagen. […] Durch den Irrgarten der tausend Türen kann dich nur ein wirklicher Wunsch führen. Wer den nicht hat, der muss solange darin herumirren, bis er weiss, was er sich wünscht. Und das dauert manchmal sehr lang.

Quelle: Die unendliche Geschichte (Neverending Story), Michael Ende

living life

“I can’t say I’ve lived my life perfectly, but I am living it;
I can’t say I love all, but I do love;
I can’t say I’ve won every battle, but I still fight;
I can’t say I’ve always done good, but I believe in what’s right;
I can’t say I know my destiny, but I know I have a purpose;
I can’t say my life is perfect, but I am living it!”

Geena Lee, via Jinjee’s Daily Raw Inspiration

the big why

we all were born for a reason. it was not a mistake and it didn’t occur randomly. we arrived exactly when we knew we would, into the exact environment we planned on arriving into, with full knowledge of what we were getting ourself into. only that in the moment we arrived, we forgot all that.

our challenge is to remember that reason & then, if we choose to, to fulfill it. the reason is our purpose for existing. it’s why we’re here.

(inspired by john p. strelecky)

knowing the reason why i am here can help me in making decisions – it’s like my personal compass for life. a very helpful step on my way to remember my purpose for existing is to realize what is (& has been) really important for me, the big themes in my life. what do i want to do, see, experience in this life? so i am just about to find out my “big 5 for life” …

museum of life

imagine after your death there will be a museum, an exhibition of your life. filled with all the things you did during your life. things you spent a lot of time with will take a lot of place in this museum whilst others, you only did seldom will be little presented – irrespective of what you really wanted to do, loved to do, prefered to do! it will be your job to guide others through your museum & to show them your life – every day. you will have to spend there all your time – with YOUR LIFE.

what to you want it to be filled with?

me, i want mine to be filled with love, joy, happiness, colors, pictures, art, sun, people, communication, journeys, nature, … !


time heals all wonders (zeit heilt alle wunder)

i want to keep the wonders. find them again. wish i sometimes could see the world the way i did many years ago … everything is new exciting wonder-ful … wish i could be that open courageous unprotected (even vulnerable) i once was …

go with the flow …

our situation (as unschoolers) here is becoming a bit … well, less relaxed. good thing is, after quite a while of sparse movement & motivation (winter sleep? absence of courage?) we now have to get in the flow again. quite fast … my head feels like flowing over, looking for the way to go now. too many ideas to write them down here at the moment. but i will keep you in the loop!