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me after you

i hardly remember me before you … only just learning to understand me with you … and i still have not found all of me after you (and that’s okay, i enjoy the path of finding me, piece after piece) … it’s not “after” you as you still do exist … and there is no me without you because i will never again be without you … as i have never been without you … only really aware of this now that we have met … even if we are not together … even if we will never meet again

celebrating me

I am amazing
Incredible me
Celebrating the being
I choose to be

I’m uniquely spectacular
I am one of a kind
Creativity oozes
From my heart and mind

I’m stupendous, tremendous
I stand out from the crowd
I do things
That aren’t allowed

I’m inspired, desired
I am wonderfully weird
I am unbridled passion
I am highly revered

I’m outrageous, contagious
I am daring and bold
I am honered and cherishd
I’m a treasure to hold

I am gifted, uplifted
I am endlessly blessed
I am sought out
For the skills I possess

I’m delightful, insightful
I am loved and adored
I live a charmed life
I’m renewed and restored

I am grateful, elateful
I am centered and wise
I am wealthy and worthy
I am God in disguise

I declare my brilliance
It won’t be denied
the world cries out
For what I provide

I am powerful, masterful
I am focused and clear
Life becomes brighter
Because I am here

I am blazing, amazing
I can’t be contained
I’m a glorious, fabulous
Radiant flame

I choose to exude
All this and much more
My wings are spread
Watch me soar!

Dan Coppersmith


Soy 100% responsable de todas mis experiencias. Con cada liberación de dolor me acerca mas a mi esencia, mi verdadero ser. Cuesta, a veces me cuesta mucho! Pero cada día me siento mejor, amandome mas a mi, a otras y al mundo. Gracias, gracias, gracias

not intended

i wanted to re-read liedloff for some inspiration regarding our bear mom & son project. what is happening now … this book really touches my soul. painful. makes me very much aware of some aspects of my life that don’t feel right … some things i am missing or have been missing, then as now. old hurts. walls i have built to shelter myself. feeling quite distant from who i really am … getting closer scares me … do i dare?


“du bist mutig!” you are courageous … are the words i hear most frequently these days. am i courageous? maybe. sometimes. i can easily list a lot of things i don’t dare. but i dare to live the things i want to. those important for me.

these days, i see myself in the following words, found again in one of my favourite books (btw: one of the books i will take along to tenerife) “Warrior of the light”

Ein Krieger des Lichts tut immer Außergewöhnliches.

Er tanzt beispielsweise auf dem Weg zur Arbeit auf der Straße. Oder blickt einem Unbekannten in die Augen und spricht sofort von Liebe. Er verficht eine Idee, die lächerlich wirken mag. Der Krieger des Lichts erlaubt sich derlei Dinge.

Er fürchtet sich weder, über vergangenen Schmerz zu weinen, noch, über Neuentdecktes zu jauchzen.

Wenn er spürt, dass die Stunde gekommen ist, lässt er alles zurück und bricht zu dem Abenteuer auf, von dem er immer geträumt hat. Wenn er erkennt, dass er an der Grenze seiner Widerstandskraft angekommen ist, verlässt er den Kampf, ohne sich deswegen Vorwürfe zu machen.

Ein Krieger verbringt seine Tage nicht damit, eine Rolle zu spielen, die andere für ihn ausgesucht haben.

who knows II

what i mainly learned during my childhood was to prepare for life. to plan the future. project my life. instead of just LIVING my life. i learned to do & to learn what parents & teachers told me to. instead of just following MY WAY.

i am so grateful for my kids showing me how to live! sharing their lifes really helps me to find my way, my self. to remember what is really important.

life is NOW!