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housesitting wanted

as most of you know, we want – & urgently need! – a change of our environment. for more than one reason …

one idea to realise this would be housesitting. so if anyone is looking for a housesitter or knows anyone … please let me know!

life without internet

i don’t know how i should live without internet. not only that most of my work is based upon it. i also handle almost everything via web or email. organizing, research, getting information, networking. and because my friends are too far away to see them as often as i’d like to i use emails and the web to stay in contact & to share in our lifes one another.

so what was really hard during our last visit to england: we did not have internet access. i have a surfstick to connect to the net via mobile telephone system but the radio signal in our house was too low.

good luck we found a cafe/gallery in newport, the quay arts centre, with a free wi-fi hotspot. even better, they also have an old imac where my little one could play while i was answering my emails and so on. we went there every other day 🙂

mobile me

on thursday, we are going to start our trip to england. today i finally managed to install my great new macbook pro * 🙂 * … now i am ready to go, taking my office along. lots of toys and funny devices … the macbook, a surfstick to connect to the internet, charged my ipod with games for my son, radio plays and video podcasts for my daughter and some music for me. do we need anything more??? oh yes, there are some crates standing by: oranges, avocados, papayas … i don’t know where we are going to sleep there, but at least we won’t starve & won’t be bored 🙂

fulfilled wish or: first step

on my way to become more mobile … isn’t it cute?


before hitting the road i have to install my mobile office. good luck, i can do my work wherever i am, all over the world, provided that i have internet access.

next week we will leave for the isle of wight, gb … lots of things to do before – installing this great new toy, finishing some projects and so on … i am so excited!