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moons ago i started to knit an elmar-tank top for my daughter. these days, looking through my unfinished projects, i found that the top would be much to small for her now. so i decided to transform it into something else … wanna have a look?

elmar elefant patchwork top

elmar elefant patchwork top - unfinished

... in between ...

... in-between ...

do you recognize him?

do you recognize him?

i found the idea for this cute little guy through ravelry and susan b. anderson’s blog.

guess i’m gonna give it as a birthday present to a friend of mine who will become 3 years old next week 🙂

autumn afternoons

the days are becoming shorter, it’s getting colder – time to start knitting again 🙂

a few days ago friends of us were visiting us … and while the kids were playing their mothers sat in the kitchen sewing & knitting. although i found some unfinished pieces when searching my needlework utensils i could not resist to start something new when i saw the tutorial my friend brought along. so look what i have made: