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finding an answer

when you want an answer to a question, direct that question to within YOU. believe and know that the moment you ask you are being answered. you don’t know HOW the answer will come, but you will receive it, and the answer you receive will be the perfect answer for YOU, because you attracted it from within YOU.

keep the fire burning

visited the emigration museum today … read & listened to lots of life stories. people who left everything behind & started their new lifes from scratch. so much courage! hope. confidence. i am deeply impressed. yearning so much to go!

dreams - then & now

where to go

what to take along ...

... & what to leave behind?


nach kahlil gibran:

mein haus sagt zu mir:”verlaß mich nicht, denn hier wohnt deine vergangenheit”.
und die straße sagt zu mir:”komm und folge mir, denn ich bin deine zukunft”.
und ich sage zu beiden, zu meinem haus und zu der straße:
“ich habe weder vergangenheit, noch habe ich zukunft.
wenn ich hier bleibe, ist ein gehen in meinem verweilen;
und wenn ich gehe, ist ein verweilen in meinem gang….”

sin dirección

i somehow lost track of our destination … don’t know where to go. how to go. how to pay it. what to live on there. … i need to find back on the (mental) way …

i know the answers are there. everything is there, for us, i don’t need to worry, i just need to know what i want! find the answers.

whilst i almost was worrying if my decision concerning malta was wrong i realized what this short trip was good for: there i found that we could get along well in a strange country. that i could easily imagine to live there. nothing frightening. so this will also be possible in any other place. yay! makes me feel much better!

il holma

villa holma is the name of the house we visited in malta. ‘holma’ is maltese & means ‘dream’. it is situated in xlendi, a small town on gozo, malta. a few weeks ago, i read an announcement of the present residents of villa holma who want to leave malta & therefore are looking for somebody to take over the house.

so … we have been there, visiting the house, getting a picture of gozo … & now i am trying to make up my mind …

gozo is a small island & xlendi a really quiet location, nothing happening there except of tourism in the summer. there is no supermarket, no greengrocer, no school (well, we wouldn’t miss it 🙂 ), no museum, no library … but all this can be found in victoria, gozo’s capital, which is only 4km away. the landscape is stony & barren, at least from may to octobre. at the moment, there are a lot of wild herbs growing there. i don’t know most of them yet. i somehow like the landscape, hilly, scenic, & i love the sea so living at one time on the mediterranean coast would be great! mediterranean climate 🙂 … the house is nice, too. 3 large rooms, simple equipment, some walls are a little bit brittle … internet access is available which is very important for me & my son!

but – there is one big problem: it is almost impossible to get organic (or even untreated) fruit & vegetables. no organic food stores, no organic offers in the supermarkets. very few fruits growing there, figs, prickly pears & melons in the summer would be fine, but everything else is treated with pesticides. most things imported. no tropenkost-supplies, no asian markets (i. e., no coconuts or other tropic fruit). c became ill during our few days there on eating treated strawberries and other fruit. i don’t know how to live there for a year or more as raw-vegans. especially on raising a raw-vegan child …