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easter surprises

how i love to receive letters, postcards & packages! a few days ago we found a lovely surprise in our inbox – easter greetings from a friend in germany, with handmade wristlets for me & my daughter.

furthermore, we finally made it to the post office where another package has been waiting to be picked up since last week. in there was a rain coat for my daughter & some treats: mulberries & dried pineapple … yummy!

thank you so much, dear s. & a.! i guess it’s up to us to send some mail … time is running these days, with the kids’ father being here for a visit & lots of work to be done.

thanksgiving time

actually i am giving thanks for harvested fruit & vegetables for months now … universe really cares for us 🙂

last week i found by chance that organic apples sometimes are treated with 50° C hot water to make them better suitable for storage 😮 – what a shock! i instantly sent a mail to the farmer to express my concern about this & to ask for details. they rang me up & we had an interesting talk. in the end they asked me to come & pick some apples myself. and so we did – this afternoon 🙂

so fresh & yummy :)

fresh & yummy