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into the forest i go


spending half my days in the forest these days.
losing my mind (lost my mind)
finding my soul (and my body)
i’m all body. a soul in a body.
remembering the first night
when we met lately
crying like i was all tears and pain and sadness.
making love felt different then ever before.
no yesterday, no tomorrow.
only now.

me, all body.
listening to my soul, speaking through my body.
i am so aware of my body, its needs, its sensations.
experiencing everything inside me in such a physical way … fears and happiness, love and yearning, missing and peace … showing me especially how many fear there is inside of me.
and how much yearning …

just feeling it, not thinking very much, letting it come, letting it go.

me, all body.
raw. wild.
want to lose even more of my civilized mind = fears.
want to act much more from my belly, my heart.
want to LIVE even more in the MOMENT. no tomorrow. only NOW.





into the forest i go
to lose my mind
and find my soul

reise ohne plan

somehow … i don’t seem to be able to plan this journey. or i simply don’t feel the need to do it.
bis portugal reicht mein plan, bis zu dir … und ich weiss noch nicht einmal genau, wo das ist.

dass ich momentan nicht dort bleiben kann, weiss ich auch … und hab doch keinerlei plan, wann genau/wo/wie wir weiter fahren werden. faith? … or … maybe i don’t want to go anywhere else …?

… soweit meine gedanken bis vor zwei tagen.

und jetzt???

… weiss ich noch weniger. nur, dass ich zu dir muss. will. das weiss ich noch immer. und wünsch mir nur, dich zu finden. … !!!

crafting and salvation

my inner world again has been upside down this summer and still is. although i have been feeling better for 1 or 2 weeks now … well, maybe i will write more about this in another post. one thing i am often losing track of in the bustle of my everyday life (or am avoiding when i don’t feel well … don’t know why but i tend to avoid lots of things i usually like, enjoy, need when in this mood …) is crafting. within the last days i realized (again) how i am missing it and i started to plan some projects. made some doodles, painted with the daughter, will crochet some amigurumis and maybe knit a ninja sweater for the son. will have to go shopping before as i don’t have wool and i can’t find my favourite crochet hook – a wonderful one, wooden, a present from my dear friend c in australia. wondrously a new crochet hook arrived here by mail today … together with the “molly makes” i ordered few weeks ago, and, even better, together with a wonderful collage kit by jademond … exactly what i need right now! thank you so much!

so hopefully i can show you some new crafts here soon 🙂

punto de teno – afternoon at the beach

at the north-west corner of tenerife. incredibly beautiful coast. i so much enjoy the sceneries here! especially at the coast: impressing mountains & canyons, & on the other side always the atlantic. the panorama road to the playa de teno was an adventure: beneath such impressing, wild scarps … made me feel humble & small.

western riding

i finally found a training stable for western riding near here. it’s in elmenhorst, about half an hour by car. even better, m & me can both ride there, at the same time. yay 🙂
i love this way of riding. of interacting with the horse.
& … not only that riding is great physical exercise. it is so much more. kind of therapy. for me. makes me be totally “now”.