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despite of my preference for new beginnings of all sorts i very seldom watch the sun rising. last wednesday i did. from the ferry bringing us back home i saw the sun rising behind tenerife … what an amazing beautiful play of colours! it did not last long, maybe 10 minutes, and i enjoyed every second of it.







dankbar. für die sonne in meinem herzen, die immer da ist. nur manchmal hinter dunklen wolken verborgen.
dankbar für die, die mich immer wieder daran erinnern, wenn es nötig ist.
dankbar für die liebe & das licht in meinem leben & für das auf & ab & alle kurven meines weges.
dankbar für das internet & die besonderen freundschaften, die (auch) darüber leben & mir helfen, wenn entfernungen, zeitliche & räumliche, im real life zu groß zu werden beginnen.
dankbar für ein neues jahr, ein neues zeitalter, die rückkehr der sonne.

2013, ich freue mich auf alles*, was du mir bringen wirst!


*… ergänzung, 2 stunden später: morgen wollten der sohn & der kindervater zu besuch kommen. gerade hat sich herausgestellt, dass daraus dank fehlbuchung beim reiseveranstalter nichts wird. schatten statt neujahrssonne ganz plötzlich. tränen, enttäuschung, wut. und die erkenntnis, dass vorfreude in der zukunft lebt & die rückkehr ins jetzt schmerzhaft sein kann.

trotzdem werde ich mich auch beim nächsten versuch auf ein wiedersehen freuen.

siesta at the beach

playa jardín in puerto de la cruz. spent a lovely afternoon there with my daughter, enjoying the sun & the warmth. it has been noticeably warmer there than in our home where the sky was cloudy. i am already accustomed to the temperatures here & feel cold when the temperature is below 20° c. … i surely will go to the tropics; i am almost sure that this will be the ideal climate for me! … but at the moment it’s quite nice here, much warmer than in hamburg!

yellow flags at the beach. which means that the drift, the waves are quite strong & one has to be careful when taking a bath.

there are a lot of lizzards here. some quite big ones:

my daughter found these beautiful stones:

sunny creations

missing discipline … today i somehow cannot get my head down on my work. daydreaming. my thoughts are focussing completely on my yearning for sun, warmth, travelling. so when my daughter suggested to “paint a sun for yourself” i instantly picked my colors & paper … look what we came up with:

sun is shining!

sun is shining in my office :) on Twitpic

... in my office!

something great to share in my museum. this is how i want to live. following our spontaneous ideas without practical constraints forcing me to do something else. our next project will be painting a sun on our kitchen’s ceiling 🙂

sunny autumn weekend

started yesterday with our weekly western riding lesson. my third lesson. with sheza. walk and trot. an exercise in insistence & willpower, making sheza go where i want her to go. & of course physical exercise: sitting trot … a western saddle is more comfortable than an english one but … well, i still cannot sit 😉
anyway i can’t wait for next saturday!

in the afternoon i was skating in the local nature reserve. m. came along with her run bike. sun was shining & we had so much fun going up & down the hills 🙂

on sunday we went to the farmers market at gut wulksfelde … just to find out that i mixed the days up: the market has been yesterday. disappointing. but we took the chance & enjoyed the warm & sunny day, making a walk around the farm, collecting comfrey, playing at the playground. then spent the rest of our sun-day playing, reading & having a picnic in our yard.

how wonderful life can be 🙂

sunny sunday

a sunny afternoon in our garden, with dear friends & some tasty raw treats.

i forgot to take pictures from the whole buffet, but here is a photo of the cake i prepared:

yellow blossoms cake

a heart-cake, decorated with wonderful dandelion blossoms

moreover, we had green burgers, sushi, hummus, tomato sauce, japanese radish salad, two more cakes & wild greens in abundance!

i really enjoyed the time, the company, life! what a wonderful world!

flicker of hope

after too many cold & grey days & weeks – i really don’t like winter … february seems to be the hardest month … yearning for sun & warmth – today the sun is shining, sky is blue and it feels quite warm outside! i took the chance to finally disseminate the chickweed seeds. nothing to see right now, of course – how long will it take?