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in den letzten tagen vor der reise. noch einmal erleben, was zum leben hier dazugehört. damit wir nicht vergessen, wieder heim zu kommen 🙂

sonne, wärme, blauer himmel, ausblicke, landschaft, die hilfsbereitschaft & herzlichkeit hier … und der zoll, bei dem ein paket seit nunmehr 4 wochen festhängt.

blick auf la gomera und el hierro

blick auf la gomera und el hierro

la palma, gegen die tiefstehende sonne

la palma, gegen die tiefstehende sonne

faszinierende vulkanwüstenlandschaft in 2000m höhe

faszinierende vulkanwüstenlandschaft in 2000m höhe

1 year in tenerife!

ist das wirklich erst ein jahr her? oder schon? heute vor einem jahr sind wir hier angekommen … und jetzt so beschäftigt mit unserem alltag hier, dass der jahrestag, abgesehen von kurzen gedanken, fast untergegangen ist. wir sind hier angekommen … wirklich angekommen jedoch bin ich noch nicht, die reise, die suche geht weiter, innen & außen.


at the end of a long day, starting with a walk downhill to icod at 8 am to reach the bus to puerto there. visited a house in la orotava (muy bonita!), an apartment in sta ursula (okay), the german quarter of puerto, la paz, (horrible). finished the day with a walk uphill in the dark, with both kids & two students spending some days on the finca here.

our 10th day here: an intensive day, filled with good things, enjoyable encounters & new impressions. excited, grateful & tired now … good night to all of you out there!

parque drago

looking for a home

day 6 here. still on the finca. i just updated my dashboard weather widget from hamburg (0°C) to icod (18°C … which is not really right … now that the sun is down it is about 10 or 12 °C). btw: sun is going down here between 6 & 7 am & dawn is quite short; not later than half past 7 it is dark!).

we have seen two houses this week, haven’t come to a decision yet but none of both seems to be right. i have answered about 6 announcements this afternoon …let’s see what the next week will show us.

three days

three days on tenerife. everything is different. strange. flat sharing with 20 people on a small finca. sunny & warm in the daytime, yet quite cool when sun is down. very scenic, beautiful. mountainous. next bus stop & next shop is about 3,5 km downhill … & of course uphill on the way back. & i really mean uphill … very steep! the waxing moon is like a lying C here 🙂

everything is new, we have to find out about all everyday things: how to get where we want, how the busses ( guaguas) are going. where to get our food, where to register residence and so on. a challenge for all the three of us, difficult especially for j …

today we took a trip round the island, inspected a small house between san miguel & vilaflor (very nice, very romantic, but so far back that we would need a car to live there … have to think about it). on our way back we visited an organic, permaculture finca near alcala, guia de isora. we bought some organic avocados, tomatoes & sweet potatoes there & talked to the owner of the finca – an english woman, single mother of three, transition-minded & very interested in our life as homeschoolers. she offered us lodging in a small 2-bedroom-house on her finca, temporary or maybe for longer … maybe we will go there for some time if we won’t find a house/flat within the next week. sounds interesting 🙂

last part of today’s trip led us through the mountains in the northwest of tenerife … awesome! incredibly beautiful … overwhelming. soul balsam.


*phew*, full moon is over, waning again, & i feel like i should get some sleep!

some of today’s activities concerning our journey:

* found out about an organic farm on tenerife (& sent them a request for a farm stay), about organic shops & farmer’s markets.

* sold our bikes & scooter

* also sold our bobby car … & took it back 1 minute later because m broke the hooter while saying goodbye

* brought two big boxes of bits & bobs to oxfam

* freecycled several boxes of books, games & toys

* studied a road map, prices for rental cars & the bus lines


the way life goes: house hunting visitors who moved here from tenerife 2 weeks ago. not only are they interested in renting this house (& buying our kitchen) but they also have an apartment on tenerife we possibly could rent … we will meet again tomorrow & talk about it. exciting 🙂