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mobile me

on thursday, we are going to start our trip to england. today i finally managed to install my great new macbook pro * 🙂 * … now i am ready to go, taking my office along. lots of toys and funny devices … the macbook, a surfstick to connect to the internet, charged my ipod with games for my son, radio plays and video podcasts for my daughter and some music for me. do we need anything more??? oh yes, there are some crates standing by: oranges, avocados, papayas … i don’t know where we are going to sleep there, but at least we won’t starve & won’t be bored 🙂

first prize

another surprise coming with the post: i won the first prize in the webEdition game! (yes, i spent some time with it before christmas … ). it’s a tom-tom navigation system … exactly the accessory my good old polo has been missing 😉


new toy

after moons of thinking about it i finally got it: my new blender arrived today.

my new personal blender

my new personal blender

we instantly made a banana-coconut-cream to test it … great! very fast, very smooth 🙂